Rollumup Tie Down


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Install the large Rollumup into the utility channel of the awning tube, and leave it in there. The only Tie Down on the market that uses the wind to work. As the wind blows and tries to fill your awning fabric with air, the Rollumup Tie Down tightens the fabric not allowing the wind to do so. It works smart instead of hard. And since it tightens your fabric, it also works as a great awning deflapper, so it is actually 2 products in one. And it is extremely easy to hook up and disconnect. A great product for women, the elderly, and that young strong man that would rather spend his time relaxing instead of setting up.

Awning Tie Down Package includes a set of 2 Tie Downs, 2 Large Rollumups, 2-9′ long adjustable straps with a looped bungee permanently attached, and 2-9″ fiberglass stakes.